The International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) is a non-profit educational organization that brings together researchers, scholars and practitioners from around the globe who are interested in applying the principles of emotional intelligence (EI). The Society supports the advancement of emotional intelligence theory, research and practice as well as the dissemination of empirically-based knowledge.  EI is applicable to a range of disciplines and fields such as education, business, organizations, medicine, therapy, assessment, and the arts.

ISEI offers:

(1) International congresses
(2) Regional conferences
(3) Professional training certificate programs
(4) Special topic workshops for professionals and non-professionals
(5) Publications and resources (newsletters, journal, conference proceedings)
(6) International collaboration and networking

For more information contact info@emotionalintelligencesociety.org

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

6th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence - Porto Portugal,    July 19-22, 2017

Join the ISEI community of scholars, researchers, educators and consultants to share current developments in the EI field.  See leading EI experts and network with other professionals in the beautiful city of Porto. 

For more information click HERE


MSCEIT Certification Workshops (Charles Wolfe Associates) April 20-21, 2017.  Instructors: Charles Wolfe (Developer of the Emotion Road Map)  and John Pellitteri (ISEI President).  For more information contact John.Pellitteri@gmail.com  Take advantage of the early registration discounts before March 30.  Read the workshop msceit-agenda-april-2017.  For more information and to register click HERE


Professional Training Certificate Workshops  (ISEI New York Institute) Professionals in educational, clinical and organizational consultation fields can received certification in through ISEI.  Queens College, New York.  Instructor: John Pellitteri, Ph.D  For more information on the certification program click HERE

Level 1 Certification Workshops (one day) - June 8, 2017

Level 2 Certification Workshops (3-days) -June 9 – 11 2017


7th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence,   Perth Australia 2019 (dates to be announced)