EI Urban Initiative


Paul Edwards and John Pellitteri, Co-founders & Directors

The Emotional Intelligence Urban Initiative (EIUI) is a special program within ISEI that aims to promote the development of emotional intelligence (EI) and social-emotional learning to enhance the personal and social well-being of individuals, groups, organizations and communities in urban settings.  The initiative includes three major purposes: (1) to raise awareness of the importance of EI for human development and social relationships, (2) to disseminate information about how EI can improve human behavior, decision-making, social adaptation, motivation and conflict-resolution and (3) to provide EI training & education to expand the impact of EI in communities.

EIUI is based in New York City and targets community groups with diverse cultural and socio-economic demographics with a focus on under-served populations.  The purpose is to use emotional education to improve the quality of life and reduce some of the numerous risk factors affecting inner city populations. The initiative is developing goals in the following areas:  

(1)   To provide training and education through workshops and programs in schools and community centers

(2)   To improve community relationships (such police-community relations)

(3)   To improve the quality of life for individuals and groups by skill training in social problem-solving, conflict resolution and interpersonal relations.

(4)   To use psychoeducation (social-emotional learning) as a form of prevention and optimal development for particular at-risk population (re-entry population, veterans, adolescents)

(5)   To encourage government, schools, community organizations leaders to use the principles of EI and to promote EI for their respective community constituents

EIUI will use the following strategies to reach its aims.

1-      Through networking and meetings with community leaders and government officials, EIUI will promote the importance of EI and encourage leaders and policy makers to consider the social-emotional needs of the community.

2-      Through the creation of video formats, blogs, radio broadcasts, and other media, EIUI will develop and disseminate information about the principles of EI abilities and how the development of these skills can improve human relationships.

3-      Through direct workshop training for participants and staff members in various community agencies and organizations, EIUI will increase emotional literacy and EI skills for various constituents.

EIUI aims to become a model program for urban settings to address and reduce the negative impact of risk factors in inner city communities.  This year EIUI provided training to inner city youth in the Van Dyke Housing Projects in the Brownsville neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, USA which is one of the largest housing projects in the United States.  There are plans of expanding the program which is supported by the New York Police Department Foundation.

(The EIUI website is currently under renovation)