Professional Training Certifications

Professional training certificate workshops are offered by ISEI instructors in  the New York City area.

The certificate workshops offer participants expert training in empirically-based knowledge of emotional intelligence, effective strategies/skills in EI-based interventions, as well as personal growth through experiential lab training in emotional awareness. The training is for professionals in the fields of  (a) education, (b) counseling /therapy and (c) organizational consultation/coaching. Certificates will qualify participants to apply EI interventions in their respective disciplines.

The workshops are designed for those with basic and/or advanced knowledge in emotional intelligence and will teach foundation concepts as well as strategies specific to each area of practice. Participants will develop their own emotional intelligence as part of the training process as they learn to use EI strategies effectively in their work.

Emotional Intelligence Foundations
( 6 Hours)

A. History, development and current issues of EI
This class will cover the current issues in EI. It will review the history and evolution of the concepts and present the major models (abilities, traits & competencies). Current challenges with conceptualization and measurement will be reviewed.

B. Developing EI abilities
This experiential lab class is designed to explore each of the four areas of the abilities model of EI. Participants will engage in experiential activities aimed to teach and to develop (a) emotional perception (b) emotional facilitation of thinking (c) emotional knowledge and (d) regulation of emotions. Development of these abilities will serve as a foundation for personal growth as well as for implementing EI strategies in professional settings.

Emotional Intelligence Interventions
(21 hours)

C. Lab in emotional awareness training 1
This experiential lab class will involve interactive and interpersonal activities aimed to develop each participants’ EI. Personal reactions and emotional states will be examined for the purpose of understanding how emotions function. Our use of emotional information in professional settings will be explored. Strategies will be developed that will enable each participant to more effectively gauge and use his or her emotions in professional interventions.

D. EI Assessment methods for individuals and environments
This class will involve the use of EI assessment tools. Participants will be administered  assessments (prior to the class) and use the results to better understand their own EI. There will be a review and discussion of assessment principles in general and EI assessment in particular. Participants will become familiar with the major EI assessment methods and learn to incorporate an emotional lens to their assessment and evaluation procedures when working with individual, groups and systems. [Note: This workshop does not certify participants in for formal administration of the MSCEIT, EQi or ECI as formal training of these instruments must be obtained through the respective authors/publishers].

E. EI Strategies (General & discipline-specific)
This class covers general principles and strategies of using EI-based interventions in professional settings. Participants, through smaller group formats, will learn and develop specific strategies applicable to their own type of setting (educational, clinical, organizational). Case studies will be used and participants will analyze scenarios, apply assessment and strategies learned from previous classes.

F. Lab in emotional awareness training 2
This class will continue the interpersonal and group development from the emotional awareness lab 1.

G. Developing and implementing an EI Intervention plan
Participants will work with instructors individually and in small groups to each develop a specific intervention plan for their discipline (education, clinical, or consultation -organizational). Plans will be aimed at facilitating positive changes using EI principles and will be based on empirically grounded methods.

H. Lab in practicing emotional intelligence
This experiential lab will be concurrent with the EI plan development class and will enable participants to practice and demonstrate their EI skills and strategies through role plays, teaching opportunities, or group inquiries. If applicable, EI intervention plans will be enacted and practiced in professional setting.

4 Hours of individual work, evaluations, meetings, and supervision are included in the level II -Advanced Certification program.

For more information contact:

New York Institute

Level I Certificate workshop (Foundations: Workshops A & B)
Thursday, June 8, 2017
9:00AM – 4:00 PM
Queens College, Flushing, New York, 11367
Instructors: John Pellitteri

Level 2 Certificate workshop (Advanced: Workshops C – H)
Friday – Sunday, June 9 – 11, 2017
9:00 – 4:00 PM (Friday & Saturday) (900 – 1:00 Sunday)

Queens College, Flushing, NY 11367                                                                                          Instructors: John Pellitteri