NEW YORK GROUP (John Pellitteri, Paul Edwards, Fritz Galette)  Using EI to Cope with the COVID-19 Crisis

Episode 1 (posted 3/29/2020) Definition of EI & Using the Mood Meter

Episode 2 (posted 4/14/2020) Recognizing & Leaning into the Emotion

Episode 3 (posted 4/21/20) [Guest Dr. Brandi Baldwin] Self-reflection & opportunity in crisis

Episode 4 (posted 5/10/20) [Guest: Deidra Olivera] Mind-sets & being COVID positive

Episode 5: (posted 5/18/20) [Guest: Wendy Freeburn] A nurse’s perspective on coping w COVID

EI and the Racial Crisis in the USA

Episode 6 ( posted 6/7/20) [Guest Reverend Nelvern Samuels] EI and the current racial protests in the USA

WESTERN AUSTRALIA GROUP (Chris Skinner, Nigel Gribble, Ayesha Marshall)  EI and the COVID pandemic

Episode 7 (posted 6/12/20) Medical specialists’ perspective on coping with the COVID crisis

PAKISTANI GROUP (Muhammad Asim & Zahid Memon)  EI and coping with the COVID pandemic crisis

Special Podcast (posted 6/12/20) Karachi University expert present on EI and COVID crisis.


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